100% Guatemala Antigua Medium Roast Coffee

100% Guatemala Antigua Medium Roast Coffee

Roasted in Hawaii LION’s Guatemala Antigua Coffee is a roast with exceptional, hand-selected, cream of the crop Guatemalan coffee beans. This coffee when brewed is noted for its delicious balance of cognac-like flavor, slight smokiness and refreshing brightness. A full-bodied coffee to enjoy at any time of day. This completely satisfying coffee is being offered only for a limited time. Our supply of this exceptional coffee is limited.

Roast Type: Medium Roast
Blend Type: 100% Guatemalan Antigua

Hand-selected, cream of the crop Guatemalan coffee beans.

While they say that the results support moderate coffee drinking as a relatively healthy habit, both Poole and Guallar say the findings don’t go far enough to prompt anyone to change their coffee-drinking habits in the hopes of improving their health. The study did not confirm, for example, that people who do not currently drink coffee should start adding a cup or two a day in order to lower their risk of getting heart disease or any of the other chronic conditions studied. The data also do not support the idea that current coffee drinkers should drink even more coffee to enhance whatever benefits they might be receiving. Too much coffee, the data suggest, starts to bend the benefit curve back down.