Royal Kona Honey Macadamia

Royal Kona Honey Macadamia

Bringing out the natural smoothness of Kona Coffee, notes of wild honey with the woodsy goodness of macadamia nut makes this a wonderful coffee to behold. Images of golden sunrises and gentle surf round out the overall experience of this coffee.

Roast Type: Medium Light
Blend Type: 10% Kona Blend

Notes of wild honey with the woodsy goodness of macadamia makes this a wonderful dessert coffee

Although they say that the results support moderate coffee consumption as a relatively healthy habit, both Poole and Guallar claim that the results do not go far enough to induce someone to change their drinking habits in the hope of improving their health. For example, the study did not confirm that people who do not currently drink coffee should add one or two cups a day to reduce the risk of heart disease or other chronic diseases studied. The data also do not support the idea that current coffee consumers have to drink more coffee to improve the benefits they can get. Too much coffee, the data suggest, the benefits curve begins to shrink.